A veteran that completed enough qualifying enlistment time, on active duty or reserves, may have entitelment to apply to purchase home home with no money down.


How do I find out if I have enough entitlement? If you have your DD214 you can ask the VA directly, or, we can help you obtain a Certificate of Eligibility at no cost or obligation to you.

I used my VA once before, can I use it again? Yes. Generally the VA requires the prior home to be sold before another is purchased but: We just helped a Veteran purchase a home who used the VA program in the 1990's to purchase a home that unfortunately ended in foreclosure just a few years later. The VA restored enough entitlement to allow the purchase of another home this year.    

Do sellers shy away from VA offers? A VA offer is very much like any other offer with one main difference. The VA requires an inspection, and completion of repairs, from a licensed Pest Inspector. Not all sellers will want do the required repairs.  We do see that some sellers will cooperate so it can pay to make an offer and just ask!

Are the costs higher with a VA loan? No. Closing costs are line line with other types of financing. Note to Realtors: The VA no longer requires the seller to pay the escrow fee and underwriting or processing fees can be avoided..