If you are over the age of 62, and reside in your home as your principal residence, you may qualify for a reverse mortgage loan.

The loan you now have on your home will be paid off and there are NO MONTHLY PAYMENTS on a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage loan. You must continue to pay your property tax and insurance.

There are new protections that can help manage the payment of property taxes and insurance. This has reduced the risk these loans formerly had in that respect.

The amount of money you can access depends on your age, the amount of equity in your home, and the interest rate set by the lender. Please call for a free evaluation over the phone.

Personal appointments in your home are available for residents in the 9 county San Francisco Bay Area. Appointments in our office are also welcome.  


Ownership and title remain in your name.

  •  You will still own your home. The lender will have a lien on the property.

  •  You can pass the home to your heirs.

  •  Your home does not have to paid off in order to obtain a reverse mortgage.

Tax free proceeds from a reverse mortgage loan:  (Consult your tax professional) You can use it for almost any purpose.

  •  Health care costs.

  •  Pay off other debts with this loan.

  •  Home remodeling.

Qualifying is easier than for a traditional mortgage.

  •  Let me explain how.


Learn HERE about how a Reverse Mortgage can also be used to purchase home. 

A true blessing for those who want to stay in their home and use the equity they've worked for.

You can think of it as being similar to drawing from any other retirement savings that you worked and saved for. Many retirees find their retirement savings alone isn't going far enough. The home equity you built up is another viable source of additional retirement savings. If fact in some countries this type of home loan is called a "home pension". 

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