Most banks and mortgage companies insist that you fit their loan criteria. The mortgage broker turns that formula for "service" around. After careful analysis, we at Jadestone Mortgage, Inc. will initiate an extensive search for a loan product that meets your needs exactly. The type of property, the way you will use it, your credit score, the amount of down payment, and numerous other factors all make a difference in which institution may have the right loan that will fit your needs.

Have you been turned down for a loan? If you have tried to get a mortgage but were unable to get approved it may be that the lender you were working with just didn't have options. Lenders can vary in the way they evaluate your income, debt level, credit history and other factors. If you don't understand why you were turned down, or wish to get another opinion, talk to us.


Is it more expensive to use a mortgage broker? No, not necessarily. Mortgage brokers originate loans at wholesale prices so mortgage brokers don't have to add fees "on top" of what a bank may already be charging.


Does it take more time to use a mortgage broker? A mortgage broker will save you time by assembling the necessary documents and shopping for you. We are in daily contact with numerous financial institutions, escrow companies, appraisers and the many other professionals it takes to complete your financing. A note to Real Estate Agents: we broker our loans to direct lenders.

Is it harder to qualify? As mentioned above, the experience may be easier. After the financial melt down of a few years ago all types of mortgage lenders are necessarily more strict. The paperwork needed is thorough in today's market. One of our clients pointed out that if they were this thorough in the past maybe most of the problems, when so many people lost their homes, wouldn't have happened. You can help by saving all of your personal financial paperwork and providing it to us to build a complete application package.  Please see our list of application tips.